The imperceptible feeling of time passing and flowing, the idea that everything goes so fast vanishing easily, this is the starting point of this work. Facing bravely the power of time and space, four dancers express intensely and passionately their strength and instinct, they scream, they laugh, they touch each other, they roll, they fall, they live their fragility and vulnerability.
“Svanisco” is an act of rebellion, a journey through different human feelings and body states, a work on the imperceptible sensation of the ephemeral, an act of courage and a declaration of love for life.

IBody remains our constant relation with life, body has the power of diving in a very deep world where everybody is involved, an invisible universe of emotions and sensations that sometimes we can’t express with words but that we live every day. I like to move in this “dangerous” “extreme” and “sensitive” space, to flow in this intense landscape, I like to feel, I like to give the body the mission to get that world visible”
Francesca Lettieri.

With the support of Regional Authority of Tuscany and Italian Ministry of Arts and Cultural Activities